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Funeral Director in Sale Manchester @ Firtree Funeral Homes

Funeral Director in Sale Manchester @ Firtree Funeral HomesFuneral Director in Sale Manchester @ Firtree Funeral HomesFuneral Director in Sale Manchester @ Firtree Funeral Homes

Arranging a Funeral

The Direct Approach

Visiting an undertaker can be a very painful and daunting experience. When we are asked to arrange the service, visiting us is taken out of the equation. 

We can visit you at home or chat over the telephone or by email or text, however you are comfortable in discussion at this most painful time.  The whole event can be processed without making the matter more stressful than it already is.

Paperwork can be completed via email or post.

How we do things

Our “Direct Approach” What is it?

There are many benefits to carrying out a celebration of a loved one’s life. Losing someone dear to us will leave us feeling a great deal of pain and heartache.  Allowing us to step in and co-ordinate things our way will not take these feelings away. It will, however, avoid any further un-necessary pain and stress.

Your Farewell or Celebration takes place at a different time and place altogether than that of the cremation or burial. Your loved one will be treated with kindness, love and dignity. The difference is your celebration of their life can be centred around their ashes or a photograph or personal place at a later date, when you are in a better mindset and everyone is ready and can actually appreciate their life.

What’s included with a Direct Cremation at the cost of £999?

  • Full personal support and guidance throughout.
  • Collection of your loved one from the hospital or the coroner in our private ambulance.
  • Any Doctors fees that may apply
  • Provision of a coffin.
  • Arrangements for your loved one to be taken to the crematorium in our private vehicle.
  • We will choose a crematorium for an unattended cremation for which the fees are included. 
  • Personal return of ashes home. (locally)


Arranging the Funeral

Additional Personal Touches.

This list is not exhaustive, and you must feel free to ask for whatever you feel you need. We will always try to accommodate.

Some examples may be:

  • Floral Tributes
  • Our in-house florist, Tracey, will support you here. 
  • Whether you would like bouquet of wild flowers or a spray of lilies.  Allow your imagination to run away with you. 

Additional costs will apply

Home or Hospice Collection

We can collect your loved one from a home or hospice, with additional charges.

Call us and we can arrange with you a convenient time to bring your loved one into our care.

We will need to know any specific logistics such as access to the property. 

Additional charges will apply

Priority Delivery of Ashes

We can have your beloved’s ashes home with you very quickly if you need us to.

Additional charges will apply

Those wishing to be in attendance at the committal

There isn’t a funeral service with this package but there are quite often friends or family members. Who wish to be present. 

 We can arrange this to happen for 15 minutes or so and you can provide music of your choice. 

Additional charges will apply

Are you finding it hard to talk?

We can communicate the whole process by email or text message we absolutely understand that this is a really painful time for you. 

You can delegate someone to talk to us on your behalf or you can message all your wishes to us and we will do our very best to ensure we provide what is needed.

Additional family Services

About our four legged family members

We all saw the funeral of former President George H.W. Bush.  Sully was an integral part of the service. 

We can try to arrange this for your family, so your four legged family member can attend the farewell. We cant promise, as places have their own  policy but we will do our best to make it happen.

We can also offer individual funeral (Pet Cremation) services at our own pet crematorium on site here with us. 

Their ashes will be returned to you the next day. 

Our Costs

Small Pets


Cremation for Cats Small Pets
e.g. rabbit, hamster

Small Dogs
e.g. jack russell, beagle, cocker spaniel

Medium Dogs
e.g. pointer setter, springer spaniel

Large Dogs
e.g. german shepard, standard poodle, labrador

Extra Large Dogs
e.g. great dane, rottweiler, bullmastiff

We understand that all of our pets are individual, therefore, if you have something a little more unique in mind
or a pet that isn't mentioned, please call us and feel free to ask the question.

We are not here  to sell anything to you, our only aim is to help you and your family in your time of need.

(Collection and Drop off fees are minimal but may apply subject to distance)