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Funeral Director in Sale Manchester @ Firtree Funeral HomesFuneral Director in Sale Manchester @ Firtree Funeral HomesFuneral Director in Sale Manchester @ Firtree Funeral Homes

What do I do when someone dies?


What to do when someone dies at home

If someone has unfortunately passed away at home, there are a number of things you will need to do depending on the circumstances of the death. Was it expected or un-expected and did it take place during  the day or at night.

If the death was expected

If the death was expected, you will need to call their GP or the NHS helpline (dial 111) as soon as possible. If you are not the deceased’s next of kin or closest relative, you should also notify them immediately too. If it happened at night, you do not need to contact the doctor until the following morning, unless you want to.

If the cause of death is known, the doctor will issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, allowing you to register the death. You should also contact a funeral director immediately to arrange for them to bring your loved one into their care.

If someone dies at home and the death was unexpected

If the death was unexpected, you should call an Ambulance and the Police services immediately by using 999. 

When the paramedics arrive they will 

confirm the death.

 The Police will arrange for a funeral director to collect the deceased.

 If the doctor cannot confirm the cause of death the Coroner may order a post mortem it is in this instance that you need to be aware that a funeral cannot take place until the post mortem is complete and the cause of death has been established.

What to do when someone dies in hospital

If a loved one passes away in hospital, the next of kin is immediately notified. Normally there are staff in place to explain the next steps to you and guide you, however, you may want to consider that if you are aware of the funeral directors you wish to conduct your afterlife care plan you do have the right to inform them. they are only trying to guide you.

Your loved ones processions should be kept safe by the hospital staff until the person administering the estate arranges the collection.

If you think your loved one was registered as an organ donor the hospital should be able to verify this.

Does the hospital issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death?

Yes a Doctor at the Hospital will usually issue a medical certificate providing they are aware of the cause of death if the cause of death is unknown the hospital will usually request permission from the next of kin to carry out a post mortem.

Where do they go when they die in hospital?

Your loved one will be kept in the hospital mortuary whilst you arrange for your funeral co-ordinater to collect them.

If your loved one is being collected by a. funeral director, they will lease directly with the hospital t arrange transport to their own chapel of rest. You will need to sign a declaration to allow the funeral home to take the deceased from their care.